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These are some of the most common questions readers ask me!

1. How old are you?

You might not be able to believe this, but I was born in the 1900s! March, 8, 1980 to be exact.

2. Is Dusti Bowling your real name?



3. I'm doing an author study at school. Can I ask you a bunch of questions?

Of course! But first, please check out one of these articles and interviews about me online. I think many of your questions will be answered here:

Nerdy Book Club Interview

Publisher's Weekly Article

School Library Journal Interview

4. I sent you a message, but you didn't respond! Why?

If you sent me a message from a school email address, it's highly likely your school's system blocked my responses.

5. Do you do school or virtual visits?


Yes! All of my school and virtual visit information is here


6. Do you really have all those pets?


Yes! My husband and children like the tarantulas and snakes far more than I do. Gandalf the Grey is definitely my favorite pet!


7. Are you coming to my area?


Please check out my events here. I also frequently post about where I'll be on Twitter, so be sure to follow me for updates!


8. How do I publish a children's book?


There is a whole lot to publishing a book. SCBWI has a ton of great information for aspiring children's book authors. Please check out their website!

9. How do I make a complaint about one of your books?


Please click the link below to submit a complaint.



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